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amiable bosses and a nosey administrator August 31, 2007

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Workaholic Bebe.

I have marked my first year in my dream job and i must say that i am as in love with what i am doing every day in the office as much i am obsessed with mybebe.  It’s like that since the beginning of time, either i enjoy my career or bum and quit like i did in the past.

My bosses are not the stereotyped people that i had to deal with in the past jobs that was not even enough to give me a decent life. The people i deal with in the present are more like my colleagues rather than the people i am accountable to.

My company extends its market from Luzon to Mindanao and has influenced the life of people from the north to the south pole.

Although i am not the most important person in the department, somehow i take pride in the fact that majority of the operations of all the managers that constitute our department is somehow dependent on the kind of output the team i belong to produces.

It is this same career path that has made my name known all over the country and it is at this point in time that i could probably say that i am equally famous as the artistas people scream for at this time and age.

Recently, my boss has been slowly tapping my hidden potentials and it is with my bloated ego that i am coming up to the challenge and proving that i am the best she could ever have.

As i am in the training team of the company, i have been tapped to facilitate for one of the training segments this morning. In my audience are 10 of the top ranking managers from the different departments.

I would have frozen alive when i realized that i am being watched, but it was my shining moment.  I delivered my piece as if i owned the room and the acknowledgment of a job well done that came from the boss of my boss is enough to send my spirit sky rocketing through the horizon.

For all it’s worth, i know this is the career where i intend to settle and enjoy until the day i am doomed by retirement and probably sent to the home for the aged.


a goddess in the queen city August 25, 2007

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Workaholic Bebe.

i have been in Cebu City for the past 3 days and i must chronicle the beautiful like that i have been blessed with. it was not my first time to travel through air nor was it my first time in the Visayan Region, but the 3 days i spent in Cebu was simply marvelous.

day 1… the plane landed at the Mactan Airport at around 6pm, just in time for me to see the last streaks of daylight and the gradual glimmering of the horizon with colorful lights that added to the festive feeling of the evening.

traffic was a bit heavy, but the Manila traffic is far from comparison. a few minutes of sightseeing and wondering where the driver is going, we arrived at our destination: The Cebu Waterfront Hotel and Casino.

this one is located in Lahug and is built to a towering 20 storeys and the structure is designed like a castle with all the spikes that reminds me more of a church than a hotel. from the highway, the hotel is eye catching with all the lights that covers the outside walls from the roof to the ground…

 i was beginning to wander if i’d meet Alladdin and the Genie somewhere when i saw gigantic carpets sprawled in the equally humongous lobby. if i can measure it right, the size of the lobby alone is enough to build a mansion.

in the lobby, you can go shopping at the 2 duty free shops that is accessible only to in house guests… as for me, i had the time of my life going in and out to buy the stuff we will be needing. i had no dollars to pay them with, but at least i had money enough to cover the conversion.

one funny anecdote was when one of the Mindanao based territory manager was not allowed to buy a 3 pack bvlgari perfume just because he has no passport to present. i had to come to his aid because i have been allowed to buy stuff from the store without questions.

according to one of our colleagues, it was just because when i come in, i look like a tourist whereas the duty free staff were quite apprehensive when he came in because he looks like a terrorist…

day 2… i also had my first taste of going inside Casino Filipino which is at the second floor lobby. it was beginners luck that eventually made me win the jackpot prize of Php 5,000.00 in less than a minute.

i was just putting tokens in the slot and pressing the button to play when it suddenly alarmed so loud that people in the Casino were howering behind me. it was a bit too late when i finally realized that i won and the alarm was not because i destroyed the machine.

day 3… just when we were set to leave, the staff are all busy preparing for a big fashion event. girls that look like meralco posts abound. meeting them along the corridors once more stirred the feeling of envy for what should have been…

it is my greatest fantasy to be a ramp model… which may just remain to be a dream!

i am back in Manila and to the realities of life. my office work have been frozen for 3 days and i would bet that i will be harassing myself with deadlines when i get back… just thinking about the bulk of email i will have to answer when i get back makes me want to cringe and just go back to sleep…

for now, i will just revel in the memories Cebu City has brought despite the stressful work that i had to handle while we were there. at least i have a taste of vacation on the evening when the serious work was set aside…

revisiting the psych ward August 15, 2007

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Mental Detour.

I stayed for two weeks in the psych ward in the year 1999 not because i needed medical intervention, but because it was part of my on the job training.

The memories of those days flashed like fresh experiences when i watched the Reporter’s Notebook in GMA 7 last night. It is quite alarming to note that there are more and more psychiatric cases in the country and only 10 hospitals and 400 Psychiatrists to address their special needs.

What alarms me more is the fact that we are living in a conservative society where not all families are brave and willing to admit the fact that one of their members is in need of psychiatric treatment.  And if they do admit this and bring their kin to the hospital, tendency is that they are left in the hospital even when they are fit to live in the normal society.

It is heartbreaking to note that some families believe that the “albularyo” can somehow drive the evil spirits away or like an ordinary fever, it will soon go away.

A very primitive way of curing mental disorder has been known throughout the ages as trephining.  This is the process where a small hole is created in the skull, believing that it is through this hole that the spirit that inhabits the persons body will eventually be set free.

With the emergence of new technology and the advancement in science in the modern day, other means of treatment that is not too harsh has been devised.

The sad part about it all is that despite the available means of securing their welfare, government hospitals are lingering with the problem of lack of budget and support from the society at large. With the prevailing poverty amongst our people, those who have mental illnesses would rather invest whatever budget they have for food rather than for medicine. Thus, more of these persons are left at home either tied to the wall like some wild animal or kept behind bars as if being mentally ill has become a heinous crime.

Despite however the lack of budget and proper sanitary measures, it is also a known fact that there is no lwa in the country that protects their welfare.  Although it is stated in the revised penal code that a person who is mentally ill at the time of the commission of the crime is presumed not guilty, it is still a very shallow provision and does not say much about the rights and protection that covers them.

We see them in our midst everyday.  There is 1 of them out of every 10 persons in this country. They have become that way because of circumstances in their life that is not beyond their control, yet they receive the painful judgment and the inhumane treatment from the normal persons surrounding them.

Being in close contact with them for two weeks, i have learned that these are persons just like you and me who have loved and want to be loved in return. In their heart is the desire to be accepted by the normal society and to be a part of a happy and meaningful human existence.

On a lighter note and just a trivia from the past… Badoodles and I had our first date at the Psych Ward in the province. It was a part of his school requirement while i was just there to accompany him and make pa cute.