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Pelvic Ultrasound Anyone? October 30, 2007

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Mental Detour.

I am a self proclaimed hard head. There is absolutely nothing in this world that could get between me and what i want. It is always a case of “what-i-want-is-what-i-get.”

My life is just another empty story but despite my attitude i always make my siblings and my parents the first in the list of my priorities.  Matter of fact, i am not afraid to climb mountains and swim oceans for them.

As mentioned in an earlier post, my sister whom i have practically fought with since i knew how to write my name is leaving for greener pastures and has been needing a little help from Big Sis every now and then. But that has always been fine with me. Anything for my siblings…

Then the most dreaded request came. She needed a pelvic ultrasound report as part of her medical requirements prior to her flight, but the girl is having her monthly period. So what has she gotta do?

I wish she would have called on Batman or Superman to save the day… but she called me instead.

Terrified to the bones as i was, i had to go and meet some OB Gyne and have my uterus and ovaries submitted for examination.

Exposing my reproductive system to the OB was not at all scary. What was terrifying me was the thought that any abnormality in my system would totally jeopardize my Sister’s future and ruin her dreams forever.

The though of being the cause of her failure is never an option and no matter what happens she has to be able to fulfill her dreams as much as i have fulfilled mine.

Then the other fear that was driving me nuts while i was watching the Doctor look for whatever she is looking for in my belly is that any abnormality that would surface would ruin my long time dream of conceiving a child i could call my own.

After what seemed like an eternity i finally got the biggest sigh of relief… i may have a disorderly mind set, but at least i have a healthy pair of ovaries. That is enough reason to celebrate!


Daddy’s Little Girl October 10, 2007

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Getting Married.

I am freshly baked by the scourching heat in my hometown after beating the rush of the past couple of days of going around with mybebe for the initial and somehow official aspect of our wedding preparations.

Despite the raw outputs, i am happy that we were able to reserve the church at the date and time that was favorable for us. Mama could not help but be excited about the idea of preparing everyone for the first wedding of the family.

I remember how Daddy would always tell me not to get married early and wait until he is ready to hand me over to mybebe. When asked about the right age for his first born to be given out in marriage, he would often say that 40 is the right age because by then i would have gained enough wisdom to carry on the task of being a Wife and a Mother.

My selfish father. He is the ultimate body guard who watched me grow from the first time i stepped into school to the present time.  At the time when teenagers started to feel conscious about their parents’ gestures of affection was the same time when Daddy was my constant companion and i have always been proud to hold my Daddy’s hand during my teenage years.

He is a busy businessman but he made it a point that he was always on time to take me to school and be the first to arrive at the gate during dismissal…. which he did religiously since high school, college and even when i started working.

Must the reason be love that he never got tired of protecting and taking care of me?

I look back at all the years and i know in my heart that my Daddy will always have a special place in my heart and in my life.

Two more months and Daddy will be walking me down the Cathedral Aisle… would the first man in my life cry as he hands me over mybebe in marriage or just like good old days would he again say: “Bakit ka matatakot eh kumakain ka rin naman ng kanin katulad nila. Sige anak, lakad na.” 

Reyna Ng Kaning Lamig October 2, 2007

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Workaholic Bebe.
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There are only 3 situations that can attrack my attention and keep me there: work, sleep and mybebe.

For my family, being the eldest meant being and being pampered meant having to deal with overprotectiveness. I remember at Fourth Year College when i still got scolded because boys approached or looked my way and i returned the favor…. whatdaheck… i was enjoying the attention!

Being independent and finding my way through the jungle of life called “career” was all that mattered to me because that meant having a life of my own and free from the dictates of everyone around me.

It is at work where i feel more free to be me and to excel and be able to show what i can do without begging for recognition.  When i am in the office, i am the boss and people do what i tell then to. I command the entire country to adhere to the dictates of the company.  It is in the office where i am mature and i an relied upon to do everything right. Consequently, i have to explain to my family what i am up to and why i have to work extended hours when i should be home preparing dinner like every woman at my age should.

Working for extended hours every day is draining and i almost always find refuge in my perfect ability to sleep long hours regardless of the weather.  Thank goodness for weekends and Friday evenings. Next to working, sleeping is my only remedy for the daily stressors i need to combat with each passing day. My job is enough to drive me nuts so sleeping is my piece of heaven in my challenge filled life.

Then at the start and end of every day, there’s mybebe…. what more can i say? I have the best fiance there is in the whole wide world. And if i get lucky enough… if he won’t stop thinking that i am his beautiful “reyna ng kaning lamig”, then life can never be more perfect than it already is!