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the bishop and the goddess November 27, 2007

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Getting Married.

When i was young, i had so many encounters of older relatives coming to our house to tell my parents that they are getting married.  Invitations and wedding tokens would then be left and displayed at home as a souvenir of the couple’s affection for each other.

As a child never understood why people get married and months later we would go to the hospital and visit a new born baby.  My understanding of life and love was very limited then, but the memory of those couples linger in my mind up to this day.

I remember at age 8 when i went to my grandmother to borrow one of her rings. When she asked me why, i told her that my cousin who is about to get married does not have a ring and requested if she could lend one of hers so that they may be able to get married.

My grandmother, a devout catholic has passed away when i was in 6th grade, but it is through her that i understood the value of so many things.

For some reason, weddings has always been a very special part of my growing up years.  In 2nd grade, i cut my own bangs because my cousin refused to get me as one of the flower girls.  Maybe it is the festive celebration that accompanies this union or just the colorful chinese tradition that i grew up with.

As a child, i have been a flower girl many times even when i was too tall to fit the role. I was a bridesmaid even when i was too young to understand the importance of being one.

Yet on the 15th of December when i take on the role of the bride, i shall never be too young to play the part nor too old to not appreciate the beauty of being in love.

I shall be walking down the long cathedral aisle no longer as a part of the entourage, but as the bride whose face everyone shall be delighted to see. Daddy and Mama shall be handing over my hand in marriage, but they shall not be losing a daughter. Instead, they will be gaining a son.

What makes the event more important and meaningful is that our union as Husband and Wife shall be solemnized by the same person who has Confirmed me into the Catholic Faith: the Archbishop of our Region who will be assisted by two equally brilliant Priests.

Our parents are more than happy… so are we!


sister act November 18, 2007

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Getting Married.

In about a few more days i will return to the house where my family awaits and for this one last time i am coming home as my parent’s daughter for when i come home again later this year, i shall be the daughter whose hand they will give away in marriage.

We shall return to the coutourier on Sunday for my gown and that of my girls.  I can no longer contain the excitement that is welling inside my heart er hypothalamus i should say…. go figure out why.

Being the OC that i am, i envision our Wedding Celebration to be nothing short than Perfect. Everyone and everything shall be in place and not one heart shall come home disappointed.  It could be a tough job and as they say when you are the Bride, you no longer have control over what happens, but hey this is my ceremony and this is my day… no one messes with my plans!

But today… like all other days God has once again taught me a valuable lesson.  That no matter how hard i try to plan and map out my life, it just does not happen that way.

You all know that i am the eldest of three. I have a Sister and a Brother.  Who else would fit the shoe of my Maid of Honor than my Sister. I doubt if my Brother would be elated to take her place.

I had it all mapped out. She is going to be the most special girl who will be standing tall and proud beside me. She will have all the responsibility of putting out wedding day activities together… but God said “NO, i have better plans.”

A month away from the festivities on our Grandfather’s 15th Death Anniversary, she flew to another country in pursuit of her dreams.  For days, i have been swimming in tears and trying to be sane again. I never thought that i could miss her this much.

Today, 10 days after she rode that plane and flew to her dreams, i got a call from her colleague telling me that she has collapsed earlier and is being treated in the operating room for what they call is a minor operation.

My sister is a very healthy person and the last thing i would ever expect is to hear that she is being operated on.  It turns out that the stomach cramps she has been experiencing before she left is not due to the drinking water and not even psychosomatic.

I bless the people who have acted timely to get her the remedy she needs and the warm Filipinos who are at her aid at this time of need when all we can do as her family is to constantly call, worry and fear for her safety.

This is unknown to our parents because we are worried about them getting sick as a result of being worried and all.  My Sister is better now and has awaken from her sedated state during the operation. Badoodles and I are coming home next week…. i wish i would be able to contain this and not let the good old folks worry too much.

Boy, am i glad my parents are not into wordpress otherwise i could be caught red handed for concealing such a delicate concern.  They will find out about it in time… i will have to talk to my Sistah first!

Even Wonderwoman Has A Mom November 14, 2007

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Workaholic Bebe.

There are times in life when even the happiest people feel sad and even those who think that life is always fair will begin to doubt.  Strange things happenn, faith wanes and trust begins to fade. Then the heart starts to fall so deep into the pain… and then love starts to wonder where the spark has gone.

I always want to believe that life is fair and that someday, after all the hardships and trials of everday human existence… i will never fall into the trap of sadness and of being tired of being alive.

Recently, my work has been taking its toll on me. It feels as if i am being responsible for something more than i can handle. I have been working late on weekdays and doing overtime on weekends, but it does not matter, i am happy with what i am doing.

I have been happy all along… until recently i got sick! Yes people i got sick but i had to be in the office and perform my administrative duties and try as hard as i can to pretend that i am well and i can manage.

But no matter how devoted i am with my work it comes to a point when God tells it to my face that it is not worth it… and it never will! Somehow there will always be someone who will look for loopholes and bury me deep into my living hell.

For all it is worth i have been sincere and honest with my duties and ever careful not to tamper with my position but no matter how hard i try to work on a clean slate my effort will never be enough.

The boss i have admired for so long has turned out to be human complete with all the imperfections, but somehow i wish she saw me in a better light.  I could probably be the best she could find in the workforce out there but i wish she would have been right to let me go.

Mybebe may be right after all… i am qualified for better and more sensible careers out there!