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and my happily ever after has begun…. December 26, 2007

Posted by bebenibadoodles in wifey and hubby.


So what happens after the hiatus of wedding preparations and the jitters of walking down the isle in your immaculate white dress?

Tell you what… from the moment i saw that dress being presented to me by the Coutourier to the time i was frantically looking for Mama to help me get dressed and that moment when i was staring at myself in the mirror….. i still couldn’t believe that i was actually the bride.

Everything just felt so surreal… just like a dream that would keep me smiling for the rest of the day. I am usually scared of being around people but there was something different about that moment, that dress and the long veil that made me feel calm and collected.

Now, more than a week after changing my beloved name, i remain in that state of limbo. I am happy like i have never been before.

But like all normal and surviving couples we also have our hills and mountains. We are compatible in every sense of the word, but we are also as different from each other as day and night. As they say men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

Classical examples include:        

1.    “Ano ba ang ginagawa mo sa banyo, napanood ko na lahat ng dvd movies hindi ka pa rin tapos!”  – need i say more, i am a woman so i take all the time there is in the world to stay in the bathroom!

2.   “Di mo na lang sinabi na 1 hour pala kailangan mo para lang magpalit!” –  we were in each other’s nerve at 2PM and our wedding was at 630PM. The culprit — it’s bebe again who took a lifetime to get dressed for our pre wedding pictorial. Well, need i say more?

I don’t exactly know if it is the right and the healthy thing to do, but when Mybebe is angry or is reprimanding me – i have the automatic tendency to keep quiet. Quiet as in the entire house suddenly becomes a mime theatre.

The daily routine of our lives c0ntinue – there is food on the table, his clothes are well pressed (oh well, i am proud to say that he does the laundry) and so on. On the outside, we are a very normal “mute” couple.

But when we are in good terms, we are the noisiest people in the neighborhood. We hug a lot and we kiss each other a lot. There are only two of us in the house, but we can create generate enough excitement that could lead anyone to think that there is someone else there with us.

I guess at the end of the day when all the action of adulthood ends… we are basically children who have found heaven in each other’s arms.

No matter what i say, do or do not do…. i love this man with all my heart and that is how it stays for the rest of my life!



two rings and a bebe December 19, 2007

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cathedraldoor4.jpegseven years into the relationship with three attempted break ups the longest of which was five minutes and we finally tied the knot… i am officially Mrs. Badoodles!

The new status has not sinked into my system yet, but i sure feel a little weird these days. Do you remember the feeling when you have just said “YES” to a long time suitor and you are now officially a girlfriend?  I feel exactly that way….

Excited and unexplainably happy. I am a bride, a wife and will forever be the apple of mybebe’s eyes.

My left hand now shows the evidence of a love that we pray will last for a lifetime. I am wearing his ring which he gave as an engagement gift at 10:57 PM of December 17, 2006.  And now our wedding ring has perfectly found its place in the same hand at 7:00 PM of December 15, 2007.

Ours is not a perfect relationship. We have a multitude of differences that needs to be ironed out, but with the span of time that we have been together we have somehow learned to live peacefully with each other.  

This is my lifetime dream… now i have everything and more than i have ever prayed for!

I am happy. I am a woman. I am a wife….. i am complete!

My wish for a fairy tale wedding has come true. We had 5 cute flowers girls who were parading in their blue colored wings and white beaded tiaras. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were equally gorgeous in their gowns and suits respectively.

The Cathedral door was closed so the entourage could march down the isle with the bride in waiting outside the cathedral.   My parents were instructed to walk halfway and wait for me at the center of the long and seemingly endless journey to where my groom awaits.

I was there, watching the action happen as i stood behind the massive wooden door that must have stood there for ages and watched the unfolding of one life and love story after another.  Then i heard someone talk to me. A familiar voice that felt like home. It’s Ice…. a dear old friend from college who has seen me through the ups and bumps of my first ever college love life.

We talked for a while with him reminding me to relax and i was just so excited that he could make it.  I have been told a hundred times that evening that i am beautiful.  I didn’t need to believe them… i already know!

Then the door opened. I broke into a big smile. I am walking down that isle and i shall take all the time i want.

Mybebe is at the front most part of the altar and so is the bishop. My parents took their own post and waited for me. Daddy is unbelievably composed but Mama is all tears and emotional. Then i started to walk slowly, dropping smiles and posing for the cameras that abound.

This is my evening… this is my dream and now it has become a reality!

Please watch out for pictures to be posted over the next few days. Till then folks!