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when maguires leave the nest February 7, 2008

Posted by bebenibadoodles in All In The Mind.

There are only a handful of Maguires in the Philippines today and i am proud to be one of them.

Daddy is a true blue batang Caloocan who gave up the lures of City life when he decided to try his luck in the province and eventually found a Career at a local hotel.

Manila promised more opportunities and a better future but he opted for the more remote yet serene rural existence.  He had nothing more than a cheap paying job to boast of but for a young man as good looking as he was – women were at his mercy.  They came and went like the wind, practically throwing themselves at his feet.

He was in a strange land that is 12 hours away from home and family.  He was at the prime of his youth, but was working harder than anyone his age.  As a result, he easily gained the trust and approval of his Chinese Boss.

That was way back in 1976 when as a Lad the first Maguire found his own space in a faraway province.

August 2006 – 30 years after Manila lost a son to the invitation of a more simple provincial life, it gained a daughter equally courageous and driven by sky rocketing ambitions and a goal set to only one dream – to be independent!

Many people look and me and say that i am Daddy’s female counterpart, but my appearance exceeds beyond simple representation of my father’s dominant genes.  I am living his life, ambitions and unquenchable drive to succeed.  In my old man’s words – Surpass my achievements and you will be assured of a lifetime of stability.

The down side however of Daddy’s ambition is the painful reality that – he hasn’t seen his nuclear family for the longest time.  The early years of his self exile enabled him to come to Manila once in a while, but with the responsibility of fatherhood that came along the way – he eventually had to prioritize.

Toward the first quarter of 2007 – i made one big leap of faith.  Armed only with the fading memory of how my father’s siblings look like and the ultra detailed address i got from him… i set forth to look for the other half of my history.

It was just another ordinary Sunday afternoon in my parent’s house.  One of the usual sunday’s where they are left alone in the house and my siblings have their own independent lives to live.

The phone rang.  Mama answered.  Daddy is taking a nap.  That was the afternoon bound to change his life for the rest of all his days.  30 years after answering the call of ambition, he is now hearing his mother’s voice asking him how he has been all along.

I watched her talk to the man i have always known as an adult.  Tears started to well from the 82 year old woman’s eyes.  As i watched her, i began to understand myself.  It is from this woman that i have inherited my burning passion to follow my heart’s desire and the dare devil courage that i have not seen from my mother’s side of the family.

For one moment – meeting and greeting them was finally understanding and appreciating my inner self. I am whole. I am beautiful. I am perfect.

I am a complete person now.  Growing up knowing only my mother’s family, gave me the impression that it is not bad to stand out just because you could not fit their standards of what a person is supposed to be.  Somehow i took pride in being differently abled from all of them.  I was unique around them and i loved myself more for that.  But something i could not identify was missing.

My Daddy’s life is relived through my example.  It is no doubt that my siblings will do the same.  After all, my footsteps have long been their perfect mold for leading their own dreams to fulfillment.

I am no longer Miss Maguire!  I have assumed a new role in life – that of Mrs. Badoodles.  But at the end of the day when all is said and done – being a Maguire has pulled me through life’s most challenging times… and i am proud of who i am!


chronicles of a housewife February 5, 2008

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04-copy.jpgIt may take MyBebe a lifetime to convince me to stay at home and be a housewife, but i sure have my way of squeezing all my wifey duties without compromising my beloved Career.

It has been a lot of fun running through the chaos of my day to day responsibilities both in the four corners of the Philippines which is the exact scope of my work and the nitty gritty of putting on the role of being a dotting housewife when i start my day in the morning until we bid each other goodnight at the end of the day.

Of course, my erratic mood swings would always come into play. Can i help it if mood swings have become a very essential part of my life.

Nevertheless, i like the thought of rushing home at the end of the day to beat my 9PM curfew.  Cool! It used to be 6PM when i was still in my parents house.

Somehow i am not yet used to referring to MyBebe as “asawa ko” when talking to other people about him, but the feeling of security that i will be with the same person for the rest of my life is enough to calm the rambling storm that comes with day to day living.

When i assess our lifestyle after the wedding, not much has changed. We still laugh out loud at each other like we have always done in the past.  The major changes we went through for the past year of living together has greatly contributed to where we are now.

I love the thought of being a wife… Badoodle’s wifey for that matter.  I have always adored and loved my family name. Who wouldn’t when i have been called “Maguire” my entire life both in school and at work.

Now i am Maguire no more. I have assumed a new family name and looking forward to raising my own family in the only way i know how… the same way i was raised and disciplined to be who i am today.

I now look forward to other things in life such as coming home after a long day at work to cook our dinner and to iron our office clothes.

Life is fun it always should.