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i am pregnant… so what? June 20, 2008

Posted by bebenibadoodles in infanticipation.

Marriage and pregnancy has been one of my life’s greatest dreams. When i was in college, i would usually extend my class hours just to be at the Cathedral not to pray, but to watch the bride walk down the isle. I have always thought that every bride was at her most beautiful on her wedding day. Those exposures to different kinds of weddings have paved the way to my own dream wedding which to this day remains to be the most colorful and well remembered wedding in our family.

Now, like all marriages must develop into, we are on our way to parenthood. We are nine weeks and healthy as the Doctors say and the ultrasound has shown. Our little one also has a furious heartbeat that is beating at 160 per minute.

This all seems like a dream. I still have to get used to my expanding waistline and to the occassional nausea that strikes anytime of the day and the recent shortness of breath that has been leaving me gasping for the past few days.

I have seen pregnant friends throw up like crazy and i sometimes fear that they might expel their internal organs along the way. I have done my little research also, and according to my Mama, she hardly had any difficulty with all three pregnancies. So, that must be where i got the good fate.

Everyone is excited specially my usually silent father who is volunteering to be the Nanny of his first Grandchild from his first child, provided that the baby stays with him in the province while we go back to Manila. His reason is that we need to be able to focus on our work and the baby needs enough care and attention which will be quite difficult if Badoodles and I are both in the office the whole day.

Generous offer, but no thanks Daddy! I would rather have you come to Manila with us rather than leave the baby with you —- that is the usual conversation between us these days.

We initially decided that i will deliver in Manila, but then again, there is only the two of us and even if we call on our parents to assist, it will still be much more convenient to go through the process in the province where everything is within reach.

There is something new and exciting everyday. It’s a bit awkward when i think of something really tiny growing inside my body and the thought of 2 hearts beating, but the initial fear and uneasiness easily subsides because i am all excited and more about the whole process.

Sometimes, i get to share tidbits on information to Badoodles and he would usually say that it seems that i know more than the doctors do.

As it always is, life is good and i welcome the daily challenges of conception. I thank this little life for being really nice and cooperative and for not letting me go through the trauma and discomfort of a sensitive pregnancy.

It is with fervent prayer that i am petitioning for good health and a stable family that will see us through more happy times.

For now, it is just so much fun to be expectant parents.