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memo from god October 14, 2008

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Bitches and Brats.

Have you seen God?  Would you like to see him and if you do, what will be your initial reaction?  What if you receive a memo from him?

Well, i haven’t met God and i don’t intend to meet him face to face just yet.  However, despite the fact that i have never met him, would you believe that he sent me a memo? 

Here’s the catch.  After barely being able to do anything productive yesterday because i was having a very serious nausea that would not allow me to sit and work properly, i woke up pretty early this morning determined to finish whatever has been left undone in the past day.

9:00AM… i was pretty serious about getting my life in perspective so i had to postpone my breakfast and started writing my “to do list” for the day.  The rain is pouring and boy am i happy to be in so early i did not have to swim through flooded streets on my way to the office.

Then the phone rang. My first caller for the day… the first of many phone calls i will have to entertain for the rest of the day.

It was a Manager on Site confirming the attendance of his staff for the next day’s training session.  Since they are not in my list i had to get the names again and add them so that they will be allowed to enter the next day.

Then he started nagging and yapping at me, although he gave the names as i requested. Despite the nagging, i confirmed that i have already added them to the list and he should send them for training the next day.

The nagging and the yapping continues.  He has been repeating the same statement over and over and over again: “tinawagan pa kita a month ago tapos nag email pa ako, bakit hindi pa rin kami kasama eh last month ko pa yun binigay sa iyo.”

I repeated the confirmation, but he did not listen. He continued ranting so i put the phone down and went on with my precious list so i will not forget anything.

The phone rang again.  Same person and same yapping and ranting. I confirmed again and put the phone down.  Having been distracted, i proceeded to the pantry for my breakfast and forgot all about him.

An hour later, a customer service representative called to alert me that they received a complaint about my rude behavior.  I explained my side and told her to proceed with the report that will be submitted to my Boss.

Feeling a bit on the violent side, i called my Boss to tell her everything from start to finish without leaving anything that the mind could ask.  I told her the truth as i know it and admitted that i indeed put the phone down on him and that she will be receiving an email regarding the incident.

An hour later, i received the formal complaint as well as a memo from God.  In the complaint, cry baby told the Customer Service Representative that: “I was only asking about the training and she banged the phone twice at me considering that i was talking to her in a very soft manner.”

Ooops, where is the part where he kept on nagging and ranting like crazy? I guess he forgot about it.

I also received a memo from God. Funny thing is, i couldn’t see the part where i am supposed to explain myself in writing within the next 24 hours otherwise i will be subjected to disciplinary measures.

I would really love to answer the complaint or maybe just talk to his Boss and tell her what a pathetic Manager she has hired to run her business.  Oh yes, i am in a serious mood to rage war with him because i know i am right! And no one talks to me like that…

Now, let me share the memo with you:




                                        TO OTHERS                            

      I am GOD,Today I will be handling all of your problems,please remember that

                                        I don’t need your help.

     If life happens to deliver a situation to you that you cannot handle,do not attempt

                                           to resolve it.

      Kindly put it in the SFGTD ( Something For God To Do ) box. All situations will be

                                 resolved , but in My time , not yours.

      Once the matter is placed in the box , do not hold on to it by worrying about it.

          Instead,focus on all the wonderful things that are present in your life now.

      If you find yourself stuck in traffic,don’t despair. There are people in this world

                           for whom driving is an unheard of privileged

      Should you have a bad day at work,think of the men who has been out of work for


      Should you despair over a relationship gone bad,think of the person  who has never

                       known what its like to love and be loved in return.

      Should you grieve the passing of another weekend,think of the woman in dire

        straits,working twelve hours a day,seven days a week to feed her children.

      Should your car breakdown,leaving you miles away from assistance,think of

              the paraplegic who would love the oppurtunity to take that walk.

      Should you notice a gray hair in the mirror,think of the cancer patient in chemo

                          who wishes she had hair to examine.

      Should you find yourself at a loss and pondering what life is all about,asking what

         is my purpose,be thankful. Thera are those who didn’t live long enough to get the


      Should you find yourself the victim of other people’s bitterness,ignorance

      smallness, or insecurities,remember,things could be worse,You could be one of


      Should you decide to send this to a FRIEND,thank you. You may have touched

                           their life in ways you will never know..   


By the way, if you are interested to meet this Gay Man’s God, you are more then free to keep in touch with him so he can personally introduce you. I can give you all his personal details like his Name, workplace, phone number, email address… name it!


For the benefit of my raging hormones, i investigated about his pathetic background and this is what i got: a lot of other Staff from our Company particularly the department that directly transacts with him have this impression: “Ang hirap niya kausap. Parang may sariling mundo hindi maka intindi.  Ang gulo niya kahit paulit ulit ka mag explain hindi pa rin nagsi sink in sa kanya yung information.”


Well, vengeance is sweet!


Moral lesson: never mess with me when i am caffeine deprived because i will mess your life!


pregnant comments for preggy me October 4, 2008

Posted by bebenibadoodles in infanticipation.

It is fascinating how the Filipino Culture gets all mushy and critical at the same time with pregnant women. I have heard and received all sorts of unsolicited comments from the people i meet along the way whether they be friends or complete strangers.

I have listed some of them and hopefully, if you guys would happen to meet a pregnant woman anytime soon, you would know better to not say anything than to commit the mistake of saying something that is completely off and unsolicited.

Hala, ang laki na nag tiyan mo! Ahhm, last time i checked i am twenty five weeks pregnant. Isn’t it normal for my belly to enlarge? And yes, i am very much aware how enlarged my belly has become, no need to remind me about it.

Ang pangit – pangit mo na. Mag ayos ka nga! In the olden days, old folks had this belief that if a pregnant woman looks beautiful and glowing, she is probably having a baby girl. If she starts exhibiting over pigmentation in certain body parts and becomes inexplainably grim looking then she must be having a baby boy.

Another trivia, is to base the gender of the fetus through the extent of the linea nigra. This is the dark brown line that crosses from the pubic area to the abdomen. It is believed that if the line ends below the mother’s navel then it is a baby girl. If it extends to the rib cage, then it is a baby boy.

Nagpa ultrasound ka na ba? Mukha kasing babae yang baby mo! Since when did people be such an expert on gender prediction just by staring at my face or my belly? The worst thing is when they act so sure about their prediction as if they know everything about the gender game.

Mag dress ka kaya. Pag ako nabuntis araw – araw ako naka dress. I am more comfortable with my maternity jeans and shirt when i report for work because it allows me more freedom of movement. I sometimes even forget i am pregnant when i am so hooked up with work. The funny thing about this comment is that i get it just from 2 persons: 1 who never had a child because she is infertile and the other is a virgin. I wish i could say try being pregnant then you can wear all the dresses you want. For now, just let me be with my maternity jeans so i can work and function like a normal human.

Ang laki ng ….. balakang/boobs/tiyan/ilong mo! The list of whatever has enlarged with my body goes on and these freaks will always notice it.

Buntis! I don’t know if this is a stereotype that i should be happy about or would feel discriminated for, but people have grown fond of calling me buntis and i like it!

Pregnancy is a time of great anticipation. Badoodles and i have gone through everything together from food cravings to waiting for our little one to move about and watching my belly move like it has a life of it’s own. I love being pregnant specially when i feel the baby move. The fun thing is when he respond’s to his Daddy’s voice. We are only 25 weeks on the way, but our little one already knows how to play hide and seek with the Ob during our check ups and with Badoodles when he comes home from the day’s work.

This is the most fun part of being preggo and as of this writing, i am feeling a very active festivity in my belly. This is the life!