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Saving The Last Grains Of Sanity January 12, 2009

Posted by bebenibadoodles in infanticipation.

image0071 The early part of January 2009 has been a roller coaster of emotions for me and my amazing husband.  We
spend the  long holidays waiting for True Labor to sink in and allow us to welcome the birth of our Little Angel.  But to no avail – the holidays have come and gone and i am still pregnant and still enlarging.

I finally stopped waiting and allowed nature to take its toll.  We decided that Badoodles will have to return to work last January 5 and file his paternity leave on January 8.

Still feeling the blessed state of pregnancy, my main concern in life last January 7 was that his leave might be consumed in waiting and when the time comes for the delivery, both of us will have to panic because he is in the office and i will have to call him home and risk the danger of him travelling home filled with anxiety.

But as fate has it, our Little Angel and nature has better plans.

I woke up to terrible back pain at 5:30AM of January 8.  Thinking that it is just one of those back pains i have been enduring for the past nine months, i went out of the room and started walking around the house, hoping that it will aid in easing the pain.

Then at 7:30AM as expected, Badoodles arrived home from the office from an overtime work the night before.  My back pain seemed to trigger more discomfort rather than eventually ease out like it used to.

At 830AM, I had a bloody show and i was in more pain than ever.  I was feeling all kinds of biological needs that does not seem to be working in my favor.  I had been in the bathroom for more times than i could count.  Sleeping was more difficult, with the contractions coming in every time i finally fall asleep.

Having read all the literature ever written in google about what to do when True Labor sets in, nothing seemed to be of help in time of my worst pain.  Walking could have helped, but even the simplest act of standing was a tremendous effort.

By lunch time, i was vomiting my heart out.  My Mama kept on telling me that it was all part of the entry into motherhood and the best advice she has ever given me on that day was when she said: “Push hard with your stomach rather than gathering the force from your upper body.”

At 2:00PM, the contractions were coming in more steadily and i just knew that we had to head for the hospital rather than wait for the end of the day and panic when things become more complicated.

It was a rainy January afternoon.  We left the house as casually as we always do.  With an umbrella on hand and our hospital bag, the three of us headed for the door and travelled to the hospital as if we were just going to the mall for a casual stroll.

By the time we arrived at the hospital, my contractions seemed to wear thin.  I was feeling more comfortable and the pain was no longer noticeable.  The emergency Staff Nurses and Ob Gynes were at our aid, carefully checking for my vital signs and recording every nitty gritty of information they can extract.

The next thing i knew, i was at the examination table being checked for dilation then I had to change into my hospital gown and a dextrose was administered by the Nurses.  Everything was so calm that it gave me the feeling of serenity, i even had the guts to joke around and allow them to explain what it is they are doing to me.

However, the case is different when i look over at my Husband and my Mother.  Anxiety and worry are printed all over their faces as they watched the nurses prepare me for the Labor Room.  As i was wheeled away in a stretcher, i managed to say goodbye to Badoodles who was very pale and worried.

Off i was  to the labor room and the rest is history.  My Ob Gyne is an angel.  She never left my side from the time she arrived to the time the procedure was over.  I would also like to thank all the hospital staff who were like a strong dose of anesthesia.  In time of extreme pain, it helped that the people around me were all like a strong dose of medicine that alleviated the anxiety and the waiting for the final hour.

At 11:20PM, our Little Angel was born.  48cm long and 6.8Lbs.  She looks more like her Daddy and a little like me.  She is 4 days old today and we are all happy about everything we see in her.  She embodies every mannerism and behavior that Badoodles and I see in each other and everytime we look at her, we just couldn’t help but smile and wonder at this wonderful creature that God has blessed our family with.

Life is a journey.  We have travelled for the past 8 years just as a couple and now that we are a family – life just couldn’t get any better!