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Barbeque Grill In A Box July 19, 2009

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Family Life.

Imagine one ordinary Saturday and a portable barbeque kiosk you can take anywhere hassle free without having to lose all your poise over the fire!

I have been requested for a barbeque weekend yesterday. After having roasted the other week’s “tusok – tusok na karne” on a pot of charcoal and ending up with a ruined pot that we can no longer use, I decided to scour the mall for something.

Initially, i was just looking for something that can be placed on top of the stove or better yet on top of a pot of burning charcoal. But as luck would come my way, i found this very adorable piece of technology:

Image003(2) Yes folks, portable barbeque grill in a box. I got a portable grill complete with its own charcoal that is ready to cook in just 10 minutes and you don’t have to exert effort to keep the flame. Plus, i got that for only Php 50. The original price would have been Php 149, but i got it on sale.

Sad that it is disposable, but it is by far the most convenient way to cook rosted food on a stick for people like me who have a small backyard.

Image006(2) It is rather sad that Baebidoodles has sprouted just 1/8 of her first tooth and still months or maybe years away from really appreciating Mommy’s home cooked meals, but I am taking the time to polish my craft at being a home maker and a mother.

Who knows, with practice, maybe by the time she starts eating real food, I may already be able to create an amazing array of adult food disguised as baby food.

I am far from being the well rounded person that I should be as a Wife and a Mother, but i am getting there!



1. frenchy - August 6, 2009

barbecue grill-in-a-box?
what will they think of next?
maybe, halo-halo in-a-bottle?

2. Portable Grills - December 21, 2009

Get yourself a real thing, a portable grill

3. Snappy Sparrow - May 1, 2010

Nice blog. You are so cute. I think I love you.

PS: Let’s vote for Dick Gordon and Bayani Fernando!

Check this out:
Gordon SLAMS Noynoy, Villar, Erap and Gibo

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