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Barbeque Grill In A Box July 19, 2009

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Family Life.

Imagine one ordinary Saturday and a portable barbeque kiosk you can take anywhere hassle free without having to lose all your poise over the fire!

I have been requested for a barbeque weekend yesterday. After having roasted the other week’s “tusok – tusok na karne” on a pot of charcoal and ending up with a ruined pot that we can no longer use, I decided to scour the mall for something.

Initially, i was just looking for something that can be placed on top of the stove or better yet on top of a pot of burning charcoal. But as luck would come my way, i found this very adorable piece of technology:

Image003(2) Yes folks, portable barbeque grill in a box. I got a portable grill complete with its own charcoal that is ready to cook in just 10 minutes and you don’t have to exert effort to keep the flame. Plus, i got that for only Php 50. The original price would have been Php 149, but i got it on sale.

Sad that it is disposable, but it is by far the most convenient way to cook rosted food on a stick for people like me who have a small backyard.

Image006(2) It is rather sad that Baebidoodles has sprouted just 1/8 of her first tooth and still months or maybe years away from really appreciating Mommy’s home cooked meals, but I am taking the time to polish my craft at being a home maker and a mother.

Who knows, with practice, maybe by the time she starts eating real food, I may already be able to create an amazing array of adult food disguised as baby food.

I am far from being the well rounded person that I should be as a Wife and a Mother, but i am getting there!


Hapi Berfdei BebeniBadoodles! May 6, 2009

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Family Life.

dsc_0056May 6, 2009… My 30th Birthday!

Cheers to me for a life well lived.  Everything in my life seems to be going in the direction i have always envisioned it to be.

At 30… i have a responsible husband, a very adorable baby girl and a seemingly comfortable life.

For the past three months since our Baebidoodles was born, there has been a major turnaround with the way i live.  She has changed me for the better. It seems that i have more purpose in life now rather than the mindless day to day existence i used to live.

Baptism Of Fire February 2, 2009

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image04222I emerge from this week’s experience with new found respect and appreciation for stay at home Moms.

Mama has been with me as early as 2 days before the D Day and has provided a very handy assistance with everything i needed from packing my hospital bag properly to helping me get a headstart on nursing my baby.

The first two weeks has been quite a breeze.  I had all the time in the world to be dependent and clingy on my mother like i have always been.  I have watched her single handedly take care of me and the baby with ease.

As i watched her, everything seemed easy.  She was able to cook meals on time, put the baby to sleep, watch tv, pamper me and all those sorts of things.  She was able to finish everything with no visible effort.

Then the unexpected….

My brother called Badoodles on a Monday morning.  My daddy is sick has has to be confined.  Mama had to return to the province and so I was left behind to take care of a two week old infant.

I will be fine, go on home and take care of Daddy – was my proud and confident assurance while she was getting her stuff ready.

In my mind, everything seemed easy…. i have seen her move from one chore to the other.  In my mind, I felt that if she was able to multi task, I can do better than that.

Reality can sometimes knock a hard head off a sturdy shoulder.  Everything seemed easy for my mother, but it took more than an effort for me.  I was alone with a two week old baby and a totally blank idea on how i would go about with the day to day responsibility of keeping my baby safe and helping my body to recover.

What seemed like an easy task while i watched my mother move from one chore to the other was a tremendous challenge that i had to face.  Then reality suddenly set in – I am officially a Mother and no longer Mama’s first born and Daddy’s Little Girl.  I now have a First Born and a little girl of my own whom i need to take care of.

There was a sudden feeling of fear and panic that enveloped me.  How am i to take care of this little angel on my own.  What kind of Mother am I going to be?  Mama has been my strong ally and worst enemy at the same time in all the years of my life, but despite our love – hate relationship, i have always been a Little Girl who is forever dependent on her for pieces of advice.

Watching her take care of Baebidoodles gives me the assurance that our Little One is in good hands and that the same set of values that has been my basis for being who i am today will be the same set that will be passed on to this little person.

However, with the past five days that i was left alone to immerse into the real deal of motherhood left me in a whirlwind of total lack of control over the day’s activities.  The first experience of being home alone with a two week old infant has taught me to let go of my obsession to be on top of every situation and just allow nature to take its course.

Motherhood is based on instinct… i remember from our Psychology lessons in College.  You don’t have to go through formal College education to be a Mother because when you are there, holding that sweet little thing – you will just know what to do.

Indeed, that is true.  And it is also true what Mama used to say – When you have a child, you lose all sense of control and balance.  The child takes over and you have no other recourse than to follow.

The past five days watched me go through the most challenging part of being human.  I had crackers, bread and water as my regular meal.  It is not because i am on diet, but because Baebidoodles does not want to be put down in her crib.  We had to go around the house with her in my arms from morning to evening. 

Washing soiled clothes was another sacrifice.  It takes me the entire day to finish washing a few pieces of clothes because everytime i put her down, she would cry and i would leave the clothes and rock her to sleep.

I spent all five days with tears and wishing that i would just have went home with Mama instead of being left alone with a child.  Everytime Badoodles would check on me, i would try so hard to pretend that everything is going well and that there is nothing to worry about.  The hardest part about pretending is when i know that he does not believe no matter how hard i try.

Finally, toward the end of the week, when my perineum is hurting like hell, i had to tell the truth…  A few more days of the same set up and i was sure to see my OB Gyne in the Operating Table, trying to re suture my still fresh wound.

I am not complaining and this is not Post Partum Depression.  It is just me, admitting to myself that sometimes – The Spirit is willing, but the body is weak.  This is the time to rest and take care of my body.  Carrying a human inside me for nine happy months can’t restore the same kind of health that i had pre pregnancy in just a few weeks.

I look at our little angel and i am just happy to have a beautiful person who now completes our little family.  Motherhood is another face of my life that i embrace with dignity and confidence.

Although i still have to be hypnotised in order for me to decide to give birth again – i will not trade my Baby’s smile for anything else in the world.  She is more precious than my own life.  Now i understand how my Mother would have felt when she had me.  Now i understand why i am loved more than my siblings. 

Because of last week’s humbling experience and the buckets of tears i cried in silence, i have learned to appreciate the value to letting nature take it’s toll and letting life flow without me trying to put everything in place just because i want to.  Sometimes, you just let things be and that will make you happy.