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Working From Home – More People Are Taking the Risk June 5, 2009

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Mental Detour.
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By NormaJean Tucker

Given the unstable economy right now, a lot more people are
taking the risk and working from home. This is a dream that
people have now and again. They just never did anything about it
in the past because they had a stable job and they were not
willing to give up for an opportunity that may or may not pay
off. Nowadays, people’s jobs are not so stable anymore. This is
why so many people feel it is the right thing to do by taking
that risk. There are so many different opportunities available
online that virtually anyone can find a niche from home.


Work At Home Mommy May 25, 2009

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Mental Detour.

It has been four months since i gave birth to our little baby girl. After having resigned from my job last December, i have been keeping my hands full with taking care of our little girl’s developmental needs.

Being a Mommy has never been my cup of tea, but i am learning day by day.

I a previous post, long before i even got pregnant, i bravely announced that i will never – not in this lifetime admit to being a full time housewife.

But for the past four months – i became one!


Bye Ma, See you In Thirty Years March 11, 2009

Posted by bebenibadoodles in Mental Detour.

If only my dad knew that leaving his Mother and Siblings in the late 70’s to find his luck and future in the province would take another thirty long years before he can come home again, i bet he would have hugged them longer and gave them the assurance that he will be home on a specified date.

But for my Dad, that was not the case. He left his Urban Life in the rich streets of Caloocan City as a young boy who is thirsty for adventure and the desire to give his widowed mother a better life.

The province seemed to be the best option as there was a promising job waiting for him. Seeing that it would open doors to a better and brighter opportunity to give his mother a more confortable life as she moves toward old age, he packed his bags and filled them with his dreams.

It was not long before he eventually found a woman to marry and settled down to start a family of his own and a small business to support his daily finances.

It is in the span of thirty years that he built not only his own dreams, but he made ours come true.

This month, the youngest of his three children will be graduating from college. My brother’s graduation will also mark my parents graduation from trying to make ends meet amidst the financial crisis that is looming over all the powerful nations.

However, despite our family’s excitement and eager preparations for the graduation, my parents had to leave their fast paced life in the province and temporarily move in with us here in Manila.

Daddy has wild varicose veins that led him to being hospitalized twice in January and February and later referred to a Doctor here in Manila for a more extensive treatment.

Our poor graduate has to be left alone in the province to take care of himself with the promise that we will come home to watch him march toward that stage and to his dreams.

Perhaps, daddy’s health issue has opend the possibility for the opportunity that Mother and Son have been waiting for a very long time.

Mamang is 84 years old and Daddy is 56. So much has changed from the young man that left her house in the 70’s to the man that was sitting beside her.

I watched her caress her son as if he were a young boy that came home from a day’s play.  She watched him move as if she were staring at her new born.  Perhaps, she was filling the gap that she has missed for thirty long years.

She knew that we were there for only a few hours and that her beloved son will be walking out the door again in a matter of hours and only time will tell when their paths will cross again.

The smile i saw painted on the old woman’s face and the happiness radiating in her eyes were priceless.  I take pride in the thought that i was present in the eventful reunion of mother and son.

Daddy came home looking his best and watching him connect with old friends was like watching him during his younger years. He showed me the streets he used to walk on and relived the youth in him through stories of his activities and misfits as a young boy.

It was like morphing back to the 60’s and 70’s when he was at the prime of his youth and living his life in the Urban Streets of Caloocan City.

I have a more profound respect and appreciation for my Father’s family now more than i ever did before. They are the people i only knew by name and never got the chance to grow up with them, but when we are together, the gap that the years brought between us is put to rest and we connect like we have been together all out lives.

Now that Daddy and Mamang have already closed the gap of the years, i trust in the the words we left the Family Matriarch: Bye Ma, see you later!

And indeed we will be back and she will be seeing more of us and her beloved son whom she has been missing all her life.